Kitguide and FAQ 2019

This years Kit Guide is extended again.
Please read it carefully before registering and forward it to all participants of your group. The one registering the group is responsible for all members following the Kit Guide and FAQ.

New points are for example
- dyed linen clothing
- right-sided classified symbols e.g. Swastika, Irminsul etc.

The Kit Guide and FAQare basics for the registration and participation of the market. The FAQ will give your more information than just the setup times, they are a part of the registration.

And we do have a mandatory setup time.

By sending your registration you do confirm to have read the Kit Guide, FAQ and the disclaimer of liability. In case of any offence against the Kit guides, the organizer can expel the participant of the event.

For all Newcomers: some of the participants are giving daily workshops for the visitors. E.g. net weaving, sprangen, possament making,... If you want to give a workshop, please clarify this in your registration. We will contact you.

Disclaimer of liability

Update December 2019

Disclaimer of liability for the event „Sommermarkt Haithabu“

1. The participation in the event takes place at own risk and every respectively participant is responsible for his own actions and health. The liability of the organizer for other losses as such, for the violation of life, the body or the health is excluded, as far as it is not based on a deliberate or severe negligent breach of duty of the organizer, or its legal representative or fulfilment assistant.
2. Every participant is obliged to judge his own health presuppositions for participation in the event, if necessary by consultation of a doctor. He himself has to take care for a his equipment. The organizer is not responsible for the loss of things or animals of the participants.
3. The exclusion of liability is considered to all participants. Minors can only take part in the event when accompanied by a parental authority.
Parental authorities are responsible for the children under their surveillance.

With the registration the participant certifies to have read and understood the exclusion of liability. Provided that the participant announces other persons to this event, he certifies to supervise that all others persons he applicated have knowledge of the exclusion of liability and also agree with it.


And here is the registration!

For all who want to take part for the first time: please send pictures and if possible a meaningfull website of your presentation, your shop/camp and so on. Registrations without pictures could not be approved.

Please give, added to the registration, any requests e.g. if you want to be placed next to someone, not to be placed next to someone or if you have special needs for your work (close to watering place, close to wood, close to entrance).



The registration will be open till middle of march 2019, except we are complete before.


If you send the registration and you will NOT be forwarded to a Thank you page, your registraton failed!! Please fill it again!!!!


Size limit for each file is 32.0 MB